Ambar’s Fate free! on Black Friday (and weekend)

We come bearing gifts!


This week a stream of deals and discounts floods the Internet, and Ecnaris Games is ready to hop on that boat. This offer is one that you won’t want to miss: the next 27, 28 and 29 of November Ambar’s Fate will be free for all iOS devices and at a very reduced price for Android (the lowest price Google Play allows us).

If you wanted to try it, this is the ideal time to do so. And if you already have it and you enjoyed the game, why not give it as a gift to someone you think will love it? Sharing your advances and talking about it with somebody just makes it more fun!
Starting Monday, Ambar’s Fate will return to its usual price, so do not think twice about it and take advantage of this special offer.
Ambar’s Fate is a gamebook for mobile devices that will transport you back to those Choose Your Own Adventure books, with a story of Celtic atmosphere, high-quality illustrations and a game system that lets you create and enhance your character as you like. The best of a game meets the best of a book. Become a hero and save your people from a mysterious illness while solving puzzles, defeating enemies and living a story where you make all the decisions! Do not hesitate, because in your hands lies Ambar’s fate.

Character Creation

And as promised, in this post we’ll let you take a peek at some of the secrets of Ambar’s Fate. We’ll start with the character creation, your avatar in the game.

You’ll be offered two options; create your own hero or choose one of the two pre-built  ones. The latter is the fastest, ideal for players that want to start playing as soon as possible. However, if you want to fully customize your character, the first choice will be the best . This the option we are explaining below.

After deciding on a name, you’ll have to choose to play as a man or as a woman. This choice will have some relevance in the gameplay, as the text of the story will adapt to the sex we have chosen. After that you must choose between two classes or professions; warrior or explorer. The warrior class is more powerful in combat while the explorer class offers the player more skills. These skills open up a wider range of choices as we will explain a little later. Once you have selected this first three values, you will be assigned an illustration of the character that fits the criteria you’ve chosen.


The next step is to distribute points between the five existing attributes; strength, endurance, agility, perception and charisma. These will help you to better define the character and will absolutely influence other aspects of the game such as combat power, hit points, trading skills and the ability to see hidden objects and other secret details that might go unnoticed with a low perception.

After distributing the points between the attributes, you’ll have to choose your character skills, which are different depending on the class. Skills are abilities that your character has acquired in the course of his or her life; swimming, hiding, running or climbing are some of the skills that you’ll have at your disposal . But these skills are not only for show: each one will grant you access different plot lines of the story.

The last thing you’ll have to do is define the talents of the character. These traits may affect your ability to fight, the amount of money that you have or even the main attributes .

As you can see, the creation of the character in Ambar’s Fate is actually very thorough and will allow you to fully enjoy reading this interactive gamebook.

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Ambar’s Fate, a different gamebook

“The possibilities are endless: some choices are easy, some sensible, some reckless… and some dangerous, but you are the one that have to make the decisions. You can read this book many times and get totally different results. Remember that you choose the adventure, that you’re the adventure. If you make a rash decision, go back to the beginning and start again. There is no right or wrong choices, just different possibilities.”

With this striking slogan, the creators of the series “Choose Your Own Adventure ” explained the philosophy of these books that first appeared in the 70s. In these novels the reader cannot only read but decide the course of action by choosing among several options presented throughout the story, choices that lead to many different outcomes.

Since then, many have been drawn to this type of book, trying to emulate its great dynamism and non-linear reading experience. Today you can find these stories in book format as well as in other platforms, such as computers or even smartphones.

At Ecnaris Games our aim is to bring to you an application that combines the best of these RPGs, thanks to the new resources technology provides. This idea has come to life in the form of a system we have called Rolebook System.

With Rolebook System, you will be the one making the choices on every step of the way, therefore creating your own story, just like in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. However, there are a number of features which gives our system certain uniqueness in the genre:

– A detailed character generation that will bring to life your alter ego in the novel.

– The existence of certain talents that will change your combat and trade capabilities.

– A combat system based on the characteristics that define both your character and your opponents, which will be resolved by rolling the dice, and which will take into account the strategy you deem more appropriate in every confrontation.

– Some lines of action in the story can only be revealed if your character has the ability required. If your character possesses the skill to climb, he or she would be able to go up a tower, if not you would need to seek an alternative route.

– The sound effects and music will make your experience much more immersive and captivating.

These are just some of the innovations that make our app a new and fresh way of reading, and we hope it will provide you with lots and lots of hours of fun. To discover the rest, we just ask for a little patience. We will keep updating as soon as we can so you get to know all the insides our project!

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