Ambar’s Fate free! on Black Friday (and weekend)

We come bearing gifts!


This week a stream of deals and discounts floods the Internet, and Ecnaris Games is ready to hop on that boat. This offer is one that you won’t want to miss: the next 27, 28 and 29 of November Ambar’s Fate will be free for all iOS devices and at a very reduced price for Android (the lowest price Google Play allows us).

If you wanted to try it, this is the ideal time to do so. And if you already have it and you enjoyed the game, why not give it as a gift to someone you think will love it? Sharing your advances and talking about it with somebody just makes it more fun!
Starting Monday, Ambar’s Fate will return to its usual price, so do not think twice about it and take advantage of this special offer.
Ambar’s Fate is a gamebook for mobile devices that will transport you back to those Choose Your Own Adventure books, with a story of Celtic atmosphere, high-quality illustrations and a game system that lets you create and enhance your character as you like. The best of a game meets the best of a book. Become a hero and save your people from a mysterious illness while solving puzzles, defeating enemies and living a story where you make all the decisions! Do not hesitate, because in your hands lies Ambar’s fate.

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  1. your game is inches away from being fully accessible to blind people. All you have to do is label your buttons properly so that voiceover can recognize them. Voiceover is a screen reader built into all I devices. It lets blind people operate them. Check it out for yourself in settings, general, accessibility. These game books are an excellent way for people to learn how to use their eye devices. I am very hopeful that you will consider making your game up fully accessible. It is very close to being so already. It would be great to have a company that produced gamebooks on a regular basis which took these steps.

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