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A new age of Gamebooks!

Do you like RPGs? Did you enjoy “Choose your own adventure” books? Throw the dice, create a character and get ready to forge your own story with Ambar’s Fate, a different gamebook where your actions will decide the course of events. Are you ready?

Enjoy this great story anywhere

Ambar’s Fate is not only a story but an interactive book with immersive sounds where the limit is your imagination. Choose your path in the story. Several alternate endings await for you at the end of the road!

Fight in exciting combats!

Equip your character with the best objects you can find and prepare to fight against your opponents. Our combat system is fun and dynamic, but don’t forget to keep your healing potions at hand so you can avoid defeat in the battlefield!

That’s ok, but what else?

A story with different endings

Ambar's Fate is not a lineal story. Every now and then you’ll have to make a decision that will change your path, leading you to success... or failure.

Design your own character

Choose a ready to play character or design your own. You can be a powerful warrior or a fearless ranger. Assign character points to attributes, aptitudes and talents. This will have an effect on the fights and the options you will encounter during the adventure.

Epic combats

Your character will have to face dozens of enemies and dangers. If you win you’ll be able to loot them and find amazing treasures in their pockets.

Upgrade your character

Equip your character with weapons, armor and other objects. You will be able to buy many useful objects as long as you have the gold to spend!

Sell what you don’t need

If your old equipment is no longer useful, don’t worry. Merchants will always be happy to pay for those things you are not using anymore.

Sharpen your wit

During the adventure your cunning will be tested at every turn. You will have to provide the right answer if you want to make it to the end.

Go beyond conventional reading

Find clues and hidden objects thanks to your character’s perception. Maybe you’ll find some treasure, or important secrets!

Level up

Gain experience points and level up. You’ll be able to improve your attributes, aptitudes and talents. Shape your character as you wish and no one will beat you!

Keep track of your notes

Don’t forget any detail of your adventure. Just look at your diary, where the will be recorded. And remember, every event you live will change the story.